Gang of Ukes Meets Pile of Puppies

Gang of Ukes at the Lap It Up Puppy Socialization Class
In January, we were asked to play for the puppy socialization class at Lap It Up Indoor Dog Activity, Swimming and Training Center in Durham. Huh, wot? Play for puppies? We all love puppies, but we didn't know they like ukulele music!  Turns out, Dianne, one of the Lap It Up owners, thought that it would be helpful (and fun) to get the puppies accustomed to live music, so that their humans can take them to music events such as outdoor concerts. We also served as a distraction, to help puppies and humans learn how to attend and follow direction where there is a lot of activity. We had a wonderful time with the puppies and their humans. We've been there three times now, and we will definitely be back! There are lots more photos from our second visit on the Lap It Up Facebook page.